Doodles and concepts for my storyline

An Aras tower:

Concepts for my races/characters:

Expect more of these soon c:

EDIT: i'm gonna add my storyline here;

''It's in the year 300 040 (human technology was resembling…) ,for thousands of years,Humans kept fighting each others,war after war,they ravaged their world.
Then,in the year 10 067, 5 towers of amazing technology were built by different factions. they called them the asar towers. those towers were equally placed at different places in the opposed faction of the tower's builders. but right before the towers were meant to be activated,nukes were dropped. thousands of millions of people died in this year. Due to the harsh conditions of the earth after this,Humans ended up evolving into 3 different new species. The Graak,the crasils and the tamishs. those three species still kept fighting,which led to The Tamish's extinctions. but not completely. Kaxa ,Drais and 50 other tamish warriors were kept in cryopods inside the capital of the tamish's territory,in case of emergency. they were awaken with almost no memory who they are,but before getting frozen,thousands of years before,they were given all of the tamish's knowledge. how their technology worked,and a lot of secrets nobody else heard before them. they are now in search of the 5 asar towers,said to be hidden in the most secret and most protected places of the earth.
Those towers hold the secret to their species's revival,to make this ravaged planet a better place.
they were never activated.
they are waiting for someone to discover them.''


I look forward to it!


@Charyas To what exactly? c:

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The concept art. your storyline seems interesting.

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Looks interesting! I like the people on the hill in the first one. They remind me of the great beings.

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@Charyas OH. Okay,sorry.
Thank you c:

@helryx It's Drais and Kaxa c:

@JMP it was based off warframe


reminds me of warframe

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