Doom 4 (arena shooter)

A now closed beta game, Doom is an arena shooter built around fast action gameplay. What are your opinions on it? Because I know I’m going to get this game when I get the chance!


I’d post gameplay trailers but since you can only watch them if YouTube believes you are over 18 I wont.

This is probably the first FPS in a while I have been excited for. (I mostly moved over to RPG games).

Does it have any relation to the other Doom?

(Which should never be confused with Dune)

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I though it was being based of off Wolfenstein.


Lets just say this is basically original doom with a BIG graphics update.

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Do I still get to fight robo-Hitler?

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I will admit, Doom 4 looks amazing,
especially after Doom 3 was so…
not Doom.


I know i’m a bit late on this topic, but i played the beta and its fantastic. Its like Quake Live with a few leveling elements and perks thrown in - and the movement slowed down a little.

I’ve pre-ordered the Collectors Edition and the standard edition on Steam. I’m dying to get my hands on the game.

@Payinku I actually really liked Doom 3, its one of my favourite games, though i think i prefer the oldschool route the new DOOM is going down.

both? why?

Is it worth getting collectors and the inferior one too?

Well, me being somebody who isn’t very clever but is also willing to spend too much money on things i really like, i have decided i will buy the collectors edition to display, and play the standard edition.

I most likely will open the collectors edition and display the statue for a bit… but then get scared it’ll be stolen by people my paranoid mind has made up, and then put it back in its box forever and hide it.

You see, basic logic is wasted on me :smiley:

(Just to confirm, do not buy both. I’m just an idiot.)

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