"Everything stays, right where you left it. Everything stays but it still changes..." -Thapod
Doomageddon (Heart)
Fueled from a Heart Furnace; Doomageddon shear foes who take a step in the Lunar path. :waxing_crescent_moon:
Doomageddon (Pose 2)



I'm sorry but I really can't tell what's what. Is the skull spider the head? Which ones are the arms? The top picture shows an orb, but where is it?


I like it, he reminds me of greninja, and I'm always a fan of purple :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally, it was 4 legged with no hands. But the arm are obviously between the head.

Go to the gallery and you'll see it.

Ahh, you should add the second picture from the bottom left. That cleared up the design. Really cool. (Oh and sorry to nitpick, but one of the pics says edit here, just thought you should know.)

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0/10 not edgy enough


not quite /s

In seriousness I was expecting something a little more terrifying with a name like "Doomageddon". Aside from that, the MOC is alright, but could definitely use some refining of the color scheme. The inhuman appearance and posing is one the best things you have going for it, but as of right now the MOC looks a bit too cluttered to be able to see the different appendages distinctly. Also. Heart Furnace is an idea that I like, although personally I'd like to see you ingrain the full Nexo Knights shield into the torso, the bubble bit sorta breaks up the beastly design.

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Looks really interesting. The head is a clever design and really screams alien creature to me!

I... can't really tell what I'm looking at honestly. Like where's the head, what's the orb, what the heck is going on!? Maybe it's just the lighting, but everything looks really jumbled and strange

If you guys are curious what Doomageddon looked like before, here-

Sadly this was the only photo I taken'd.
And here's a failed LDD clone

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Does this happen to based on this Doomageddon?

In all seriousness, this seems pretty cool, though I do think it could use some more Metru Blue.


I lack on parts, Storm Beast will assists for sacrifice.


Sweet I'm not the only one who thought of that


I like the use of the Nexo power.

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