Dorgana The Batty Rock'n'Roller

NAME: Dorgana.
GENDER: Female.
POWER: Fire.
BIO: Dorgana was once a male dictator of the fire realm but after an uprising he was killed and sent to the underworld, there he decimated the underworld and used the souls that he absorbed to gain the power to leave the underworld, but when he exited the portal into the overworld there were some “unforeseen” side effects. Said side effects were He, became a She, now using her new figure she has to learn an all new kind of fighting style.


Nothing will beat the flaming guitar.


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Good job and 10 points for both gender swapped and being a rocker.

woh this guy looks hes pretty edgy

I love the way you did the axe, the usage of the spring missiles for the strings works really well.

Fantastic job with that weapon, it’s makes a very nice usage of those axe pieces and is an all around creative concept. The MOC itself looks good as well, with a great torso design and overall menacing look.

Man… I can say only one word: AWESOME!!!

Dleia Dorgana