Dota 2 (Free to Play)

It's pretty obvious we at TTV enjoy playing Dota 2. We've hosted several Game Nights on the game in question. Who else here plays, and what are your main heroes?

My mains comprise of Sand King, Lina, and occasionally Kunkka, in that order. I really like working out wombo combos such as Meso's Chain Frost and my Epicenter. We're working out a new one which, if done correctly, will be incredibly powerful and devastating to any enemy team.

What about you fellows? Lemme know down below!


Eljay making a topic? What is this blasphemy?

Never played DOTA, mainly because I don't have enough time to get any good at it. Looks interesting though


For me, Dota is pretty much the same as Starcraft: I don't play either but I have an understanding of the games and enjoy watching it. I basically only watch The International and 4ASC matches.

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The closest game to Dota I played was League of Legends, but I'm wondering what's the difference between those games (Please don't hate me for thinking that the games are the same expressionless)

You play with Meso, Eljay? Oh man that must be amusing to watch. "'We need to go ward, Meso!' 'No! I must explore the woods!' 'DARNIT MESO'"
I play the games for almost 2 years now, mainly playing the support role. Sometimes offlane. Or just have a gander at this:
I really enjoy playing Clockwerk and Leshrac. I can play most of the heroes besides Meepo, Invoker and Visage at a level I'm confident at.

@MikeEmeraldBlade Having friends that played both, but I only really have like 10 games on LoL, my friends say that Dota is just a more skill based, punishing for mistakes LoL. Also there are some changes in mechanics, such as the inability to pick the same heroes twice, having less exceptions in some skills, having all the characters unlocked and not needing to play like 100 games to get player based skills etc (such as flash)

Please don't double post! And I'll reply to you soon as I get some more free time. =P - Eljay

Do you have to download it?

I have only played a little, the only character that I have some idea of what I am dpoing with is Ursa, if that is gone I will flounder with Viper, Dragon knight or Razor...

I play a very large amount of Dota. I mostly like Strength heroes, my mains being NightStalker mid, Sven offlane, Doom jungle, and Treant Protector hard support. I also enjoy playing bruiser Abbaddon, Bounty Hunter, carry lane Enchantress, Wraith King (always grab early Refresher), Chaos Knight, Sniper, Lion, and a few others.

I understood about 20% of that...

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Just be glad I didn't say "Position 1 Clinkz, Position 5 Treant, etc."

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I think I am...

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So... 7.00 is coming, and pretty much everything is changing. Crazy stuff going on there.

Pretty much Dota 3, I'm kinda worried that it's going to be hard to adjust, but at the same time everyone's going to be relearning just as well.

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They managed to make the game more accessible to most, cleaned up the quality of life issues (the backpack one is huge), and increased the skill cap all at once. They even remade Techies from a ninja that insta-kills you from anywhere on the map to a utility/area denial character. Good on ya, DotA2.

When I left two years ago it was less than a week after they first moved the Roshan pit away from mid lane, and started to add more jungle camps. Now I've been back for two months and Roshan's getting moved and the whole map has totally been overhauled. Too many changes too soon. ;-;

It's gonna be a lot to learn, but I'm excited. After all, DOOM is gonna be AMAZING this patch, and I've been waiting for my favorite personification of the devil himself to come back to the forefront of DotA2.

By the way, me and my friend Fox messed around with Monkey King a bit, and... honestly, I've never seen a 1v5 go so well. The Megakill announcer couldn't keep up, because he wipes people out so fast.

Abit off-topic, but still goes around the Dota franchise.

The reception from the community is very bad since Value is hesitant of making another squeals or original ip.

I loved the reaction of the audience when it was revealed. That little breath of anticipation of a potentially new IP and then… “The Dota Card Game”.


I’ve been wanting this to happen for a long time now, hope it’s good