Double post bug

So, you can’t @ more than 10 people in a post. Forgetting this, I tried to. It refused to post, telling me I couldn’t @ more than ten people. So I removed all the @'s and tried again, and it refused to post again, saying it was “too similar to what I’d recently posted”. It was nothing like anything I’d posted, but I thought ‘Whatever’, so I edited it a little and tried again. This time, it posted. Then it posted again right after that, this time the unedited version. I mention this because I feel it could lead to double posts elsewhere, and it’s also a potential frustration when it doesn’t post because it’s “too similar” to itself.


Nice to note, that could become a problem.

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I think this was likely an isolated incident and likely something to do with your connection to the site or a one off glitch. I’ve tried testing this myself and didn’t get the same results you did.

Are you browsing through mobile or on a computer?

Also as far as the @ limit, I honestly can’t really imagine a scenario where it’s necessary to respond to 10 people at a single time. Seems a bit… excessive?


Calling people in who have signed up for games to the game topic comes to mind


Fair enough, don’t really follow the games category myself.

Answering many people in an AMA you may have let get backlogged


Nope. This one was on my computer.

Could be. Never happened before, but I’ve never tried @ing over ten people before.

Despite what Var mentioned, this appears to be something that is a limit on the boards. I’ve seen a few topics where the OP has attempted to tag more than 10 and it simply has not worked.

An example being ‘The Cliffhorse Crew’ topic which has more than 10 members, yet could only tag 10. Would advise you simply to try not tagging more than 10 people at a time.

In game topics might suggest PM’ing the members?


Or, do what some people have done, and just mention the rest in a separate post.

Also, bizzarely enough, I once got notified of an @ in a post that had ten @'s and none of them me. I think the person typed my name and the At thing, then removed it when they already had ten @'s, but then why did it notify me?

Guessing they tagged you the first time, saved and submitted the comment, then edited the tags. Which you could try I guess? Not sure if it will work though

That’s not what I meant. The tag feature is purposely limited to 10 people because it could be easily abused. The glitch in which two posts were made, however, is what I was specifically talking about in regards to it being an isolated event.


Ah ok, my mistake

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