Double Posting (Apology)

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I could message people, but since a lot of people can see multiple people editing my posts for Double Posting, I feel the public should here this as well out of curiosity.

As you probably have seen, people have been editing my Double Posts. Let me just say that I thought Double posting was for example, posting the same link twice in order. I did not think it was posting something, and posting something else in the topic in order. So for that I'm sorry.

I would message the people but that would make for too many messages and I feel that people should know and learn from my mistakes.

Please know, if you see me doing this, it's either because I did not catch it, or it's an older post that has yet to be fixed.


I am confused about the policy if you are replying to two totally different posts. I end up waiting till another post on the topic to reply to the other post to avoid being flagged. frowning

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@ENDfilms Then do it.

@ENDfilms Like this.


Thanks for the tip. smiley


No problem.

I had the same confusion at first too. It's all good.

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All you have to do is highlight the post you wish to reply to and click the quotation mark icon that appears and the boards will embed the post in your reply, such as this;

You can do this for as many posts as you want while only making one post yourself. That way, you can reply to everyone at once.


I've had trouble quoting multiple times in one post, but I think I will go with the @ thing.


Var, we need a tutorial!


Who am the forum?

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I must admit, I did some double posting as well. I thought double posting meant posting the same exact post twice, which I never did. Now I understand that it simply means posting twice in a row.

We must all learn from our mistakes!