Dr. Zerak, the Makutan Scientist

Makuta Zerak is part of a species that resides in the Shadow realm before Makuta was sent in there after his defeat in Okoto, his species resides in a location far from the capital city.
He joined the Shadow horde after being exiled along with some other Makutans by his people ever since “the incident”.
He was instructed by the Mask hoarder to go to the normal realm and find a way to break the seal that the Uniters created after the event of “the journey to one”.

Known to be a selfish jerk that desires personal gain but has a load of charisma, he is a also a great genius at robotics. (but he is really awful in genetics tho)

He may only have a few Kraata abilities but unlike his specie’s G1 counterpart he has a skeleton that is meant to protect his Antidermis if his armor is destroyed and he can also go between the normal realm and the shadow realm at will, Shapeshifting, floating and shadow bending is still a staple to all Makutans.

He has Prosthetics fused to his arms that can change into a collection of tools/weapons. his favorite is a blaster that can switch into various modes such as: shooting plasma, firing various elemental blasts, turn a being into an orange dog, firing a deadly lazor!!! and more.

He wears a modified kanohi Zatth, it was modified so he could summon his drones. it is outfitted with a monocle for some style.


Those custom lower arms are fantastic! However, you need to bulk up the waist by adding a tire or two.

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I love your builds, they are really simple but really cool!

Is that a galidor reference?

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Well no… (you dont want to know what it reference)