Dradon the Steam Powered Cyborg

Name: Dradon
Gender: masculine.
Species: Aeonyx.
Weight: 2 tons.
Height: 12 ft.
Rank: (dishonorably Discharged) Aeonyx General.

BIO: Dradon was once one of Lady Voids’ must powerful generals right under Kairos, Alieraah and The Mother, but when he started to question Lady Voids’ methods of ruling there people he was cast out of there dimension and stranded on a deserted steam powered planet, there he found the perverted parasite that is Grox. After this ordeal he used the tech of the planet to enhance himself and help him in his quest to return to his universe and mend his bond with Lady Void & Alieraah.


Man I love this!
It just looks so good.
The only thing that bothers me is the out of place white and purple hand.


This is great! Though you misspelled cyborg.

thanks man! (and I fixed the misspelling)

Thanks Man! BTW: The white & Purple hand is the parasite.

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Love the visor and… top hat?

The tubes on his legs could be integrated differently- something about their arrangement just feels off- but everything else looks fantastic. I like the torso especially.

Is that steam coming out of his back? That’s really clever.


I’ve always been thinking about making a sword using tahu’s sword peices combined together
I really like the hat, it’s a nice touch

Whenever I see this word I think of the dudes from spore


I honestly thought that was what he was talking about.

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you must be visiting from tumblr

OHHH it’s an Aeonyx. Aight.

Pretty…interesting MOC?

Not a huge fan of it. Except the sword.

I approve of the sword.


This guy looks awesome ! Very well built, only problem is huge golden wheel at the back, other than that it is a great build :slight_smile:

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Top hat = 10/10

Like the red and gold!

You should’ve given him a more “coat and tales” type design- it would’ve made the stove pipe hat blend in better- but what you have is quite excellent.

Top hat seals the deal, I really like the moc

Oh wow! That looks FANTASTIC. Well done.

The moc’s amazing, but I do have two things that bug me.

  1. The Chest add-on that serves as the butt. It didn’t work in Batman and Robin, it doesn’t work here.
  2. The Legends of Chima bike pieces that act as the shoulder armor just seem a bit too distant from the arm. It’s like the shoulder spikes on the Toa Mata Nui set from 2009, they just seem a little tacked on.

Still a great moc though.

Thats an excellent titan build

The Star Wars shoulder armor blends very well as a head. I can’t point out many con’s beside the leg and shoulder jutting out.

Still very iffy from the way it’s built.

AMAZING creation! Good job with his theme and color scheme! Except for the hand; I don’t get that.