Dragon Age

Talk about one of Bioware's masterpieces!


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My friend is obsessed with this.

I am not.

Probably because I don't have the console to play it.

Inquisition definitely looks really good. I think I'll wait for an Ultimate Edition or some such thing, though...I'm too cheap to pay for each dlc as it comes out. stuck_out_tongue

@Ekorak Why not play it on PC? The first one is 5 years old, so most computers these days should be able to run it. It's actually considered to be better on PC anyway.

Huh. Didn't know it even came on PC. I may have to look into that.....

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DO IT DO IT DO IT! It's easily a 70-hour long game (with the Ultimate Edition, which doesn't cost that much more than the base game these days), and has Bioware's usual good character writing.

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Huh. Sounds like Skyrim a bit, but with more dragons maybe?

I like dragons :3

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I wouldn't really compare it to Skyrim. It's more of a traditional RPG, and it's not open-world per se (though there are many different areas to travel to). And the camera is in third-person. If you've played Mass Effect, it's fairly similar to that (same developer and all). And there aren't actually that many dragons. frowning (The reason it's called Dragon Age is that dragons had been thought to be extinct in earlier eras, but at the beginning of the current "Age," they started reappearing.)


Well, Inquisition will have a sort of Skyrim inspired open world.

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That's true. I was talking about Origins, though. smile

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Ah. Then yeah, I agree,

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My favorite scene, which cemented it as my favorite game of 2014.

Looks nice. I played it with ea access on the one.