Dragon god, Komodra (Now Updated)

Basic info:
Nane: Komodra
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
Weapons/arms: Disc of Noble Truths

The strongest in MY STORY/UNIVERSE(please keep that in mind)

Previous/ older version (sadly I don't have pictures of the other 3 versions :frowning:)

The latest version (v.5)

Comparison to Deveil

He's the god every one fears... (even other gods/deities)

There is a reason why...

A larger portion of his power comes from the Disc of Noble Truths/Gems

Also attaches to his back

Komodra will become particles after 30 minutes with out the disc attached and can be summoned when all the 6 gems and key are placed in the disc.
The six Noble gems elements include fire, stone, earth, water, ice, and air. The key(middle) allows the gems to be placed or removed and is required to summon Komodra

Last picture

Before you say any thing about his drink, he's not allowed to have alcoholic beverages it's simply Mtn. Dew (yes, even gods need to take care of their selves)

Thanks for viewing C&C is welcomed

Hoped You Enjoyed!


The teeth are a little strange but other wise I love it

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I love the head, but those hook blades on the back look a bit silly and weird on the appearance of this moc, but that head is mint! (body'd nice to)

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Do you mean the blades on the first 2 pictures because that's an older version that I had pictures of
Also thanks!

ahh okay don't worry about it then,

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The previous feels abit more menacing than the previous model.
Not liking the back view and the build on the lower chest is difficult to point out.

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The proportions are better, but the back could use some work.

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He should brush his bottom tooth more. Pays too much attention to his pearly canines.

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Updated version

Fixed with incomplete back

Bottom tooth has been cleaned @Leoxander

Comparison to another moc (soon to be showcased)

Thank you for the feedback

Please leave any other suggestions or/and feedback (C&C)

Hoped You Enjoyed!


Not too shabby. The head is a little too horse-like tbh.

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Yay, his cavity is gone :stuck_out_tongue:

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But his breath still smells bad...

What's up with the blade sticking out of his chest? That's the only thing that gets me; I like the rest of it (not to say that it's perfect, but nothing else I feel needs a major fix). I really like the backstory with the Disc, gives him a bit of depth.

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I thought it looked cool and I got the idea from this

(Best game)

Hmm. In that context, I can see what you're going for. However, I would still say it doesn't look as good on Komodra.

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What game is that?

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Puzzle and Dragons

This looks pretty good. I especially like the design of the tongue. My only gripe is the grey bars on the head in front of the eyes. It would be nice if those were black, however I can understand if you don't have any of those, or Lego has never made them in that color

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I'm pretty sure I ran out I'll have to check
Also thanks