Dragon makuta

I am not sure what to name this guy, but he is a makuta with one of my first custom heads. He prefers this dragon humanoid look. Feed back is welcome, and I will be using him in the future for a villain team. I do know about the gap, and would love ideas to fix it among other problems. The merry blue feet are due to my lack of two black ones, since I am using one on another moc.


No offense but; why is this in the Brickonicle catagory? You did mention it’s for a future villain team, but it’s pure constraction-

I suggest giving this different limbs and claws for fingers.

Actually, I like the blue Visorak feet for the head, it sticks out; but not as a huge deal.

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Oh my bad I though I put it in bioncle. Thanks for the feed back and it is purely construction because I have not thought up a story and all for it yet.

You might wanna put this is Lego Creations buddy.

The build is pretty good for this, the custom head is also really cool.

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Moved to Lego Creations

Thanks, sorry I just could not find the right place, not feeling the best right now that may be why.

Makuta knitrax or makuta drakonik :nerd_face:

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Nah, not sure what I am going with and will most likely decide as I figure out his story.