Another MOC I made in my inactivity. This is what I would consider the beginning of my "non humanoids craze". I've been into making weird things, but I began that off with this about a month or so back. I'm posting it here now however, so enjoy! C&C Appreciated as always.


Standing/Side view

On a flower.


really nice. Reminds me of the Nui Rama from the Bionicle Game

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Don't you mean Nui Rama?

oh my god vent is alive and I totally didn't know that because I went on skype yesterday

this looks like an official set IMO and fits right in with any of the rahi


Everything about this MOC is great. From it's overall aesthetic, to the custom built head, and every other constituent part, I'd say this is one of the simplest, yet best MOCs I've seen.

You did a great job giving it a well-defined silhouette, and the coverage on this thing makes it look very robust.

Another point of note is that amazing head design. I love it. S'great. Keep it up.


@JMP @Chronicler Thank you guys!

@Middlefingerstudios Thank you! I appreciate it. (And yes I am alive stuck_out_tongue )

@Sovereign Thank you!

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This looks amazing!
I give it a 10/10.

Oh hey he's alive on here too now

I love this.
Dragonflys and damsel flies! are some pretty cool insects.

This simply couldn't be better. It's a masterpiece

cool but eyes are little bit small

Holy mother of MOCs. I am really surprised right now, it is just like a real life dragonfly. well done, love the color scheme. smile_cat

I think we would like an LDD file for this (;

@RECspiriah Thank you!
@Ekorak Yes... yes I am
@Risebell Thank you!
@The_Owl Many thanks!
@MasterBlaster10 Yeah, that's one of the issues I have with this. If I ever run across some 3x3 round dish parts in trans red though, it'll be perfect xP Thank you!
@DG_Eddie Thank you!
@Darknova3529 Sad to say, but I don't use LDD, and "instructions" for this are not up for grabs. Thank you for the comment though!


I always love Bug MOCs.
Especially when they're done amazingly like this one.


I'm at a loss for words
It's just that good

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That's awesome. You did the carapace very very well.

Very good job getting that insect exoskeleton feel.

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I generally hate insects, but I find this kinda adorable, in a way.