Drahcir, Master of Illusion

Name: Drahcir
Race: Toa
Element: Light
Mask: Kanohi Waiata, the Mask of Music (Can accurately reproduce any sound as long as it is given a rhythm and beat)
Gender: Male
Monikers: Toa of Illusion, Liar, "Who? Never heard o' him."
Affiliations: Whoever he considers a friend.
Personality: Though a bit of a shy and nervous soul in public or around strangers, Drahcir can actually be a very charismatic, energetic character around those he trusts (or when he's had to much to drink). He also has a tendency to "geek out" at the slightest provocation from any topic that he's interested in (including history, art, or science). Likes to talk metaphorically and mysteriously, using advanced vocabulary whenever possible, adding to his seemingly antisocial nature.
Equipment: Armour
Home: Northern Continent, Cold Snap alternate universe
Drahcir was one of the many Matoran to find a toa stone after the Great Cataclysm when over half the Toa of Fire and Plasma in existence gave up their power to reactivate Mata Nui's heating systems. Though not entirely successful, it merely locked the inhabitants in an endless winter instead of icing over. Drahcir now sees it as his duty to make sure that his friends and people can survive the cold and harsh winter.

"Here goes nothing"

As a Toa of Light, Drahcir has the power to generate and manipulate photons, creating lights to see by, changing the colour of his armour, and even creating Lasers. Specifically, Drahcir is adept at manipulating light to create images and illusions, from fake pictures to invisibility, he often uses his Kanohi with these illusions to give them sound and more of a semblance of life.

"Have you ever wondered if you are just another one of your pretty pictures"

Drahcir knows that he has many dark and incriminating secrets in his past, and uses his powers mainly to cover them up from the eyes of his brothers and sisters. Drahcir is conflicted over this use of his powers, and is often distraught that the powers which come most naturally to him are those of deception and trickery, unlike his brethren.


Hello again world, it looks like I'm still posting! This here is a new incarnation of Drahcir (obviously), who is, for those of you who don't know, my self-MOC.

This version is probably one of my odder creations, as it uses quite a few new techniques for me, such as the combination of constraction with system, the stud-based-double-jointed-knees, and the lower leg construction.

And on the very drastic palette change from his original version, the reason is simply that I didn't have the right pieces in the right colours. Now while I am planning to try and find some sand-blue at my local used Lego store, I'm stuck here for now. Luckily, this change can be at least partially excused on the basis of him being a Toa of light.

Drahcir is also my first Bionicle MOC to make system an integral part of his build, as seen in the chest plate and knees. I wanted his body to have a bit more unified aesthetic than most of my other MOCs, and that's the reason for many of the new techniques.

The problems that I've spotted and know need to be fixed are mainly around his waist area, which is way too skinny, his knees, which need another smooth 4x4 round plate on the inner thighs, and his arms, which can't go flat against his body. Oh, I also need to make a black head so it doesn't stick out like sore thumb.

All-in-all, I believe that unlike most of my V2s in the past, this one is actually a small step up. If I had to change any one thing it would be to make him slightly more in proportion to me, as he seems really tall and skinny at the moment.

Please tell me what you guys think, and help me improve my MOCing and skills.

See ya later!


I really like him! A big improvement on the last version!

I see you already pointed out the waist issue, so I won't make a big deal of it...:laughing:

Still love the concept, and this version is still really good!

I definitely like the color scheme (Orange is my favorite color) and the backstory. The way you described his personality makes him feel more relatable that other Bionicle Characters. The build looks good and creative, I don't really have any comments on what I would change, aside from have a bit more orange (or other color) to break up the black. Last thing I'll say is that I love the idea for his mask, it would be great to have that power in real life.

those r veryskiny legs but good moc

Nice custom.... everything.
All in all, a very solid MOC.