Drainu, the Stone Shifter

I really ought to make a non-MOC topic sometime.


Non m-



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'tis Omega Onewa.

Super cool. I like how you integrated the new armor clip-on.

Awesome job!


Are those gears... Working? (Smiles slighty while waiting for "yes")

He really looks awesome!

I like how it uses elements from GEN 1 and GEN 2!

I don't know about those shoulder pieces, since they don't really fill out the torso, but everything else I like/am fine with


No, I totally only used a gearbox for aesthetics. /s

They are indeed. I did choose that particular gearbox for aesthetics, it made his color scheme spread out more.

Hawkflight, you did a really good job on this MOC. He looks pretty good, and I enjoy how you included the new armor pieces, and made good use of CCBS.


After seeing what you think of CCBS in general, I'll take that as a compliment.

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Honestly, I don't mind it now, but I still prefer the older BIONICLE system. Plus, I think Lego did a good job with it on the new BIONICLE sets.

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It's Onewa Nuva! Great job on this.

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