Drathii - Warrior of The Jungle

Oh boy. I've got a weird one for you guys today. Not so much in execution, but rather in concept.

Born of mysterious origins to an island in turmoil, Toa Drathii found her peace by the blade.

Early on in the age of gloom was a civil unrest among the villagers of Okoto. The mask makers lost and the city forsaken, the people of Okoto dispersed across the island in search of lands in which they could prosper. However, without the governing power and centralized population, many villagers took the chaos as an opportunity to elevate their own statuses beyond that of those born protectors. Barraki arose about the island and purged the regions of one another. It was during this period that the few heroes on the island were forced to take sides or fight in futility for individual villages.

Drathii, master of jungle was one of the latter. Skilled in the art of strategy, Drathii became renowned for her ability to fend off her region's villages from far greater forces. However, beyond her military prowess she became known for her pacifistic intent. She claimed to fight in the name of peace and the prosperity of her people, and unlike the Barraki warlords, was honest to her word.

Unfortunately, the shadow that lingers over Okoto had different plans. The Protector of Jungle at the time became mentally ill; developing a lust for blood never seen in his predecessors. He began to pool an army and attack neighboring regions; razing their villages for his own gain.

Of course, The Protector attempted to sway Drathii to his side; offering her a position as his prime general. Drathii, seeing the corruption that had befallen her elder, refused his offer and deserted his town. She was last seen walking into the crumbling ruins of the ancient city unarmed.

From the front. (also, terrible posing)

From the back

Blow dart!



Now how's about that concept thing I alluded to earlier...

In art of all kinds, I often find odd whims to go off of that don't really have any clear origin aside from just imagining random things. The drive to make this moc was, in a way, one such whim.

For many years I used a Toa of plantlife by the name of Dartho as my "official" self moc. Recently, I've wanted to revamp him and adapt him for Okoto, but really didn't know how. I brainstormed and brainstormed, but couldn't think of anything particularly interesting.

Then one day, "poof!" I had this oddly cool idea to make Drathii. I didn't want her(to-be him at the time) to be a "direct" self moc, but more like a character using certain aspects of my own personality. I also ended up deciding to further that she isn't "me as a bionicle", but just a character with certain aspects of me, I'd make her female.(I also wanted to take up the challenge of the decent female build thing)

So it's kind of weird to have a moc that's my former self moc, only using fragments of my personality and is a girl, but eh. Whatever.

Also, the pictures are crap and you can't see the gaps near her neck in any of the shots. >.>

EDIT: here's a picture with better lighting.


nice female moc

colorscheme is alright. Dunno how I feel about the sword or silver. Or the weapons. Katana's alright, Question the skirt and ammo-belt. Fav-parts are the chest, thighs and mask

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Cool MOC.
Not sure what's strange about the concept. stuck_out_tongue

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I like it
but the colours seem off, and the back seems awkward

I like. The sword's kinda cool, and the color scheme is alright, but it needs less silver.

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The images

none of them are loading


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I liked the design better after the lighting changes. You definitely pulled off the Jungle vibe excellently. The only part that I don't like as much is the yellowness of the sword, but hey. It adds more character.

I'm so glad to see so many solid M.O.C.s coming out of the community.


I so rarely see the lime-green Faxon used, due to it being lime-green. I like that it's being used. I can't tell if that's keetoragne or yellow, can someone help me there? In any case, the keetorange/yellow piece on the waist sticks out a bit. /nitpick

The weapons are nice. The chains on the feet look pretty cool, and I think the color scheme is pretty well thought out.

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Keetorange. It's a regular shade of keetorange on the waist. As for the rest, I don't really know...

There's no keetorange on the MOC, that's all yellow.

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Oh I see! Nevermind, forgot they came in that color

Nice camera work.

Actually, I really like this moc. My only problem with it though, is that the shoulders look a little... low. The shoulder armour does help a little, but once I saw it, I couldn't un-see it.

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Wow. I forgot to reply to you guys on my own topic. Whoops. XD

@Coryt8o Yeah, I didn't focus on the back all that much.

@Chro You (sorta) like one of my mocs. I am complete.

@Ekorak can you see this one? http://i.imgur.com/8YSzGjc.jpg

@ToaVuhii That's odd. There was a lot of over-use of the lime Faxon back in '08 on Biotube, but I suppose that's in part thanks to inikalord...

@Silver_Falcon I suppose they're a little low, but you kind of have to consider the yellow armor part of her "natural" armor and thus there would be more physical connection going on under it. Additionally, it's kind of hard to tell, but she has a neck-ish region.

@everyone(mostly) I appreciate the criticism and praise. It would be nice if you guys could elaborate more on what seems off about the colors; I assume it's the silver, but I really can't tell unless you tell me. If it is the silver, that's kind of supposed to be armor added on during her years as a warrior. I tried to maintain three distinct styles among the colors; Green being leafy and almost organic, yellow being smooth, and silver being plated and spiky. If I wasn't effective, I can see why the colors could throw you off. Also, I dare say the lighting was a pain(as per usual).


I wasn't around for biotube until 2014, so I wouldn't know. :\

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I do like it.
Don't let me determine that, though. I'm not a figure of authority in any sense.
I don't even MOC anymore. :P




This is really good! I love the feminine appearance overall, and the yellow really accents the color scheme! Of course, Custom builds are always welcome.

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Hey man. Don't h8. It's got waist articulation.

Love her spiked and rugged vigilante look. Wouldn't change a thing wink