Draw the Squad: TTV Edition

I have your hair. o_o


Look at this Mardi Gras that I just found…


Eljay doesn’t look enough like a fish…

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Given the proportions of the character Ven replaces, I immediately thought of the Spectacular Spider-Man version of Venom (giant arms, tiny legs; it’s waaaay more prominent in actual episode screencaps).



I have never seen the show, (though I heard it’s a good one) this works way too well!
10/10 as always!
Overly excited skeleton meso might be my favorite part.


wanted to give this its own topic but it’s still technically a DtS so


Drawings are great, meme got old though. Seeing them as other’s is not as impressive as it used to be. That said, your drawings of the group doing silly things such as ‘trying to fix the sink’ or ‘trying to play sports’ are pretty funny and i think you may benefit from doing more of those seeing them try basic tasks while chaos ensues.

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… What meme?


Who are you to say what she may or may not benefit from? There is a difference between saying that and saying what you’d prefer to see.


Every piece of work done is labelled by @prpldragon as a meme clearly in the image URL of almost every piece of art.

You seem perfectly fine with @legomaster1378 using the term and phrasing previously - why do you have an issue now and not then?

I’m sure if @prpldragon has an issue with the terminology used in a suggestion, they will reply - however at the moment i’d rather stay on topic.

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I mean “Draw the Squad” is an art meme but the only people likely to know that are other artists (or people who stalk the URLs apparently), so it’s perfectly reasonable for Eljay not to consider it a meme.

First of all that’s from 2015, which was like, a long time ago. Seems kinda dumb to use something someone said almost two years ago to back you up.
In Legomaster’s case, however, he more clear with what’s being benefited and how. He says how incorporating Showcase’s production process/style/values/etc would be better for the Reviews because it would make them more professional.

But this is all you’ve said.

What would these types of drawings be benefiting? Me? How would they be doing that? The only thing I can possibly think of is fans liking these types more (which that doesn’t really seem to be the case half the time). But to be honest I don’t really care if my DtS pics get super popular with fans.

I only draw these for fun.

…mentioning me twice in the same post (in a topic I watch) is overkill.

Second, I don’t have a serious issue, per se, but I do think you sounded like a snob. I didn’t want to respond to you since you have a track record of writing long essays of responses (which, yes, would end up off topic), so I suggest you quit before things get too out of hand.


Oh my god but the best part about this is that you literally looked through Eljay’s entire post history for two years because you were so desperate not to look butthurt


I eagerly await your long winded response.



The art was good



this topic is thrilling


After reading Purple, Kahi, Var and Ven’s posts…


This topic never stops amazing me.


I felt my comment was clear and i’m unsure how its meaning was lost.

I feel that sometimes you may feel restricted by doing art based on specific things as such i mentioned some of your art that was unrestricted and that perhaps it might be a benefit to not be tied down to mirroring the pose of a specific thing.

Personally i enjoy your unrestricted art as much as your restricted art, however i felt you could benefit from the freedom as you seemed to have more fun with the other art.

Should avoid like all of the comments posted on anything creative here otherwise you’d feel the entire site are snobs - giving a suggestion of how someone feels you could benefit, improve or whatever phrase is used is natural and a common part in the artistic community.

I neither insulted you or your art and have never interacted with you or drawn any of your topics off-topic. I see no reason why any of that is considered acting like a snob.

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So, just to clarify.

What you are critiquing is not the artwork, but of the artist herself and what she chooses to draw?

In which case, you simply don’t enjoy the things that she enjoys drawing, but for some reason feel the need to vocalize your thoughts and put restrictions on her art as if your opinion actually matters.

When someone actually wants to hear your opinions on their character, they will request it. No one asked for you to psychoanalyze her drawings as a basis of her character. Stop acting like you know how people feel more then they do, you come off as an insufferable tool.


Sorry I didn’t consult you about my own feelings. I didn’t realize you were an expert on me and how I draw, so I’ll be sure to ask for your approval next time.


I neither have control over you or your art nor do i want any.

You can draw whatever you want, the whole idea of a comment section is for suggestions. I made a suggestion, that was all.

If you dont want to follow a suggestion, you dont have to - nobody is forcing you to.