Drawing batch no1

Hello, Coments please!

Small, mabey comic thing i Will work on someday (Still thinking about Onua and Kapaka Design)

And an christmass gift! An Fikou Moth!

I own all rights To this Piece of art!


You should definitely make some kind of animatons... You can do simple ones in pivot if you want. Try using backgrounds from MNOG wink
Also I recommend scanner for drawings wink
Very nice job, keep it! I like face expressions and everything.

MAbey... many Mabey... Im just Bad at this kind of stuff xP

I really like them. Gali is by far my favorite.

Wait... Has Gali boobs?

(instert Random Bionicle Feminine Joke here)



You should show that to Biodo on the LMB.


Biodo? LMB? Explain yarself, mate!

A productive Maths lesson it would seem.

Because females having breasts is completely unheard of.

Double post - fixed by Scarilian.

Robots having breasts is complately unheard of.
Even females.
Why would they have breasts if they can't have children? love's not canon

Just watch Trailer of "Automata"... or Trailer of the "Machine"... or just stay not liking it xP

Well, they are made in the image of the Great Beings and we dont know what they look like.

Well, they're actually made in the image of glatorian and agori.
Just saying... smiley

Which to be fair, can have kids...

But do not have boobs...
Also we are talking about Gali, which belongs to Matoran universe where kids are not possible.

I think its fair to assume that if the Glatorian can have children, then its likely that they would need some form of supplement from their breasts, seeing as they are humanoid in appearance. Seeing as Toa are modeled off the Glatorian it wouldnt be far fetched to think female Toa would have boobs too

Both of you! Please look at lego gali matat (the set) and tell me what is that blue socket piece! And stop arguing! :l

The blue socket piece is just there for design.

@CeeCee they just don't like they do not have ehm blue pins...

Well, anyone can think differently

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