Drawing of my Self Moc Sadly done on stupid lined paper

I drew my self moc! I tried to keep the stylization at a personal minimum. As you can tell from my last drawing that I posted, I am an artist who likes to take the easy route when drawing Bonkles. Does that make me a Dark Hunter? AHAHAHAH Bionicle jokes... anyway, this is based on the version of my self moc pictured in my first post, his latest version. I've captured exactly what I wanted to here. The proportions, the aesthetic, everything. What I can't do with my parts, I can do with my pencil. Yay!


Well he is something. Just gonna say it's nice n all, really gread

one suggestion: Try keeping every drawing on one topic? Also try uploading it somewhere else, I hear it takes up memory

Wait, so just have the same title for all of my posts? I don't quite understand this website. I'm so used to all the mainstream sites like instagram and tumblr and stuff.

like you make a general topic/dump where you post pictures. You can also link URLs from other sites like Imgur or Flickr and post em here so as to share images.


this looks gud

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It greatly resembles your self moc! You did a great job capturing the essence of our moc, good job!

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Let me try to clear this up a bit. He is suggesting that you make one topic that you update with your drawings. Instead of going and making a new topic, you would just go to the collective topic you made and update it. Take my moc topic as an example:

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Also, you can use flicker or imgur to post your pictures first, then link them to the site. Personally, I use imgur. It saves space on the boards.

Nice drawing BTW :wink:

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