Drawings for my Science Fantasy World

Recently, I have created a Science Fantasy World inspired by that of Bionicle. Its mostly set in this archipelago called Quotri and is inhabited by squid people called the Torotu. Yes, Squid People.

This is one of the 9 Aganni, the protectors of the islands of Quotri, called Noshiaza. He comes from the island of Pha Tarata, which is the largest island, and is second in command.

And this is the Elder of the island of Pha Tarata, the advisor to King Daiganas, Dosarnu.

And both together

What do you guys think?


Well they’re better than anything that I can draw!

So 10 outta 10

Thanks Oniwah :slight_smile:

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7/10 Too much Ninjago -IGN

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