Drawings of my Self Moc ig

Eh, feel like doing more in this community, dunno why. Might as well post art.

This is my current Self Moc, Yorokobi. The rest are all pics related to her cuz she’s like the only bonkle I care about enough to draw.

This is Yorokobi and her gf Durcho. Durcho actually is a real moc, might post eventually. But first a word from our sponsor, R-

Possibly the greatest piece of art I’ve ever made. It took me 12 days nonstop of meticulous linework at actually do this.

Welp, I’ve got nothing else that I think is good enough to warrant showing it. What do you guys think about her? Do you want more art? What is a Yorokobi? Is it true I almost made a rap album for her? All questions to be answered next time! :no_mouth: