Dregn Handeler Of Matter (Self Moc)

Gender: Male

Power: Controlling Matter (Telekinesis)

The Dark matter Gauntlet Allows its user to control anything that can take up space or has mass A.K.A Matter. Once the Gauntlet has been equipped, it will remain on the user for all eternity.

Concept and Ideas: Now how about I just show you a bunch of versants of dregn and then I can explain more about other things like why the Vahi is upside down.

The is the last version which is nothing more then him with a skirt.

This next version is when I made a buster suit for him

This version is when he was at that more of a warrior kind of guy

These next two are very similar to what your seeing out of his current version

And here is my first self moc named Martex which I continued on the lower legs

Concept and Ideas: So the upside down vahi is supposed to be more of a bandana. The sword is from a system build that I took apart and so I kept the sword and used it for Dregn. The back of the Moc were that little technic piece is is where you would attach the sword for storage. Were the matter gauntlet idea came from was I wanted to have my moc wear a gauntlet but I didn’t know what use it could be. I then remember my old self moc (Martex) had the power to control “Dark Matter”, I continued on the idea of controlling matter and gave the power to the gauntlet.

Story: Still Underduvelopment (Yeah, very unprofessional of me)


The buster suit really inspired me for my self moc overall good job

he’s alright.

I approve of the upside down Vahi and the unique look it provides. The rest of the Moc looks pretty solid in my opinion. Not bad at all

I like it a lot! Great job!