Drendor(With pictures)

Hi everyone!

This is Drendor, the dark lord. He is the last of his kind and has teamed up with 3 more characters.

Drendor is A feared leader amost whats left of the Carzan universe and has died several times but has been revived by his older brother - Carmadon - that now has been killed by Madraldor.

Drendor is built to be played with. He has articulation almost all over his body.

Standart articulation (Legs, feet, whaist, head, arms, shoulders and hands)

Articulated shoulder armor


And a big canon.

The canon is working like one of those old blasters from the mistica line back in 2008.

He is designed to look a bit similar to Shockwave from Transformers: Dark Of The Moon so some things like the spiky appearens is from there.

Hope you like him.

Se ya!


You need to upload pictures for this to stay here.

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Oups, thanks for the reminder

Nice MOC, but I have a suggestion. I think some better armor for upper legs and might help.

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