Droid #332155 - Assassin


This looks cool. the legs could be more complex compared to the rest of the moc. The fact that you used a bohrok-va head is a letdown like the legs, but at least you made it interesting with the right eye. But the rest looks sold, though I don't really get the gear on his hunch-back. The hand is really cool, and so is his weapon. he looks very poseable and really looks like a robot. And finally, BLUE PINS!

Noice! This is very creative and appears to have a complex build, while still looking smooth!

@Ekorak's robot form is done very well! :stuck_out_tongue: Have a badge!

Really conveys the robotic look well.

Love the shaping, especially in the torso! Well made build!

I like it.

Nice MOC.

meanwhile I fail to make Cytech Ekorak after four months of planning

Well done! Conveys the look well. It does suffer from "black and silver and transred" cliche, but I have been down that path myself so I'm not one to talk.


Fantastic, I love his legs and sniper arm. Great work.