Droid #332A15 - Soldier


donut know how to feel about the pelvis. Bit clashy but mostly the guy looks alright! Mass produced or individual?

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Mass production shall undue in time and other Droids are on the way. The pelvis is also just to cover up a ball joint, but I guess if I had the right pieces, it'd be a simple fix, but money is tight.

This is the Deadly Borohk Va
Armed with a Double Barreled Shotgun


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Pros are 2 points and cons are -1 points

Consistent color scheme
Cool shotgun
Cool bohrok vibe
Its fat. Nice asthetic
Legs are simple, but effective

Arms are slightly confusing to me

Overall... 9
Exceptional score. Not many problems i can see here

Looks really neat! Good work.


I agree with that statement of donuts and pelvises.

Also, maybe some armor on the thighs!

All in all I really like this MOC. His stubby mechanical vibe works well. The Nuva armor doesn't look particualry good, and the thighs could use a little coverage. That's about it, top-notch work!