DubNui Artwork

Okay, guys, from now on, this is where I'll be posting my artwork on the Message Board. I like to draw, and I think it'd be nice to have it all in one place. I have two drawings. One, some of you have already seen: Alpha Kopaka.

This was inspired by both @MaximumWarp's Omega Tahu and by the Omega Podcast 😂😂.

The second drawing I have is Gali, Master of Water.

I hope you enjoy them! I'll have more artwork up hopefully at least once a week!


I really love your interpretation of Gali!

The flippers are the best! I say this because some people have a problem with the way the set has em'.

Also, the Kaukau has a sort of a spiked hair thing going on.

These are great! smiley

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Thanks! Yeah, I don't know why people are so down about the flippers, I thought they were pretty cool.

And I'll have more artwork up regularly!

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Really digging your drawing of Gail. Great job!

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Thanks man! I think I'm gonna do Pohatu next!

absolutely love the Gali.

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I do too 😂😂

I like Gali better. You made her look pretty good. smiley

Thanks! Not to sound weird, but I've been working on drawing females for a long time.

Don't worry, I have too. They are a bit harder than guys. I've drawn a few this year:

Those are two of my favorite I've have drawn. But they are difficult, mostly because getting the proportions right is a lot of work.


Very nice! Am I talking to a Marvel fan?

And yes, the proportions are really herd at first. I've been working on my technique for more than seven years, so it's a bit easier. But not by that much!

Seven years... Many centuries to be exact. I could learn a thing or two from you @LoganDub


Haha, hey, I'm willing to make a how-to topic some day!

Yes. Huge Marvel fan. But I often draw my own heroes, so seeing a picture like that Spider-Girl is particularly something you will not often find.

Those are pretty good, though the second one might be a bit broad between the shoulders.

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Yeah. I have improved since that one. The shoulders need to be a bit shorter, so she has more better proportions.

Proportions are definitely the hardest part about doing female characters, 3D modeling is a lot like drawing in that way, it's just as easy to mess it up if you're not careful.

Except in drawing, you don't have to worry about a 3D model looking right in every angle. However, 2D has the more difficult task of making your flat artwork resemble the 3D world we live in.

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Though 3D does have the benefit of only having to model a character once, whereas drawing you have to redo them for every panel.

Yeah, but that is not that bad, as long as you love to draw your characters. Here's a tip: Never make a character you hate to draw.

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