Duka, Anti defense unit

A machine designed to kill everything with its armed cannon Duka is a machined to be reckoned with!


The blue stands out a bit, but balances out the red in giving the MOC a primary colour scheme.

This is a really neat MOC, And the torso looks fantastic, as does the gun arm. Keep up the good werk.

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I like the robotic looking torso and the industrial color scheme.

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Nice! I like the colors and mechanical vibe. The torso is intricate and the head is an interesting design. The back could use a little armoring, and from what little I see I’m not a fan of the legs. Overall this is a pretty nice MOC.

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Blue and red pins are kinda awkward, but I’ll forgive it because robot…

It looks like a robot, with all the Technic exposed, and overall it’s an okay build. I can;t make out the legs all that well, though., but it looks to me like they’re permanently bent? Maybe try and fix that.

Good things going for it, though!

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