Dune, The Psychotic One

Dune was originally a simple rogue DROID of Sanctuary before becoming one of the most wanted serial killers. She was adopted by Marlo while she was sane and not much else I’d known about her and how she became unstable. She wields a makeshift sword made out of a piece of glass and a door handle.
(Creators Note: This is simply a test MOC, meaning that I made this one simply to see what the public’s opinion on it is.)


The Color Scheme’s good, and I love the build of the Head&Body. really the only thing that sticks out to me is the empty ball socket in the hand in the chest.

It’s pretty cool.

This really does give off a crazy look to him, kudos to you for pulling it off!

well this’ nice. Limbs feel odd, and the torso’s waist looks awkward, though I guess she’s alright

looks strange to say the least, here’s a few things that stick out to me

stubby torso/overly lanky limbs
poorly distributed colors
bare red pins on the head
upper torso sticks out way to far in front and back

needs a little work, but not all bad. keep working on it :wink:

She reminds me of Vaas

This MOC is really nice, but your photography is exceptional!

The hand in the chest looks weird (I almost thought it was the robots)’ but other than that, good job

That’s a very Unique torso idea!

Looks really cool

I’d say to fill that empty socket and shorten the arms quite a bit.

As someone who spent an hour looking for a way to turn Gorast wings into a sword, it is very happy for me to see someone who had a similar idea :smile:

I really like this MOC!