Dungeon Dodge alpha release

So recently I was asked by Rynade Software to do some concept art, pixel design, and posters for their new game dungeon dodge.

If you guys want to check it out here’s the link:
Feedback would be nice as its just getting started, right now we only put one level in, but two more are coming soon(ice and lava).
Once the gam is complete its going to be released for free on IOS devices and it’s already on their website. The webplayer isn’t quite working so there’s a download instead, just FWI.


It looks great!

I don’t really understand why you would use pixel art, especially when the resolution is inconsistent. With the low-frame animation, it wouldn’t take too much to replace the sprites with simple vectors.

The large background on the main menu looks great but the game itself being less detailed is off-putting. The title art doesn’t match the rest of the game, either.

As for the gameplay, the instantaneous movement feels responsive and the blocks fall slowly enough to dodge. The only questionable thing for me is the ability to run off the screen: I’d prefer a mobile screen centred on the character or a stationary screen and closing the character movement to the visible area. The simple, blurred background works well and doesn’t mix with the moving objects.

The game is already somewhat enjoyable and I’d enjoy seeing it evolve into a final product.


Ya it’s still got a ways to go, the main menu screens are temporary and not anything I’ve done. And the side collision is being worked on. I was actually just talking to the main devoloper about fixing that.
Edit: jumping should also be implemented in the next update.


So you’re actually involved in its development to an extent. That must be interesting.

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I has been decent interesting, I actually had a meeting with the guy making it yesterday and going to another one right now. So if anybody has suggestions or want to know something I can do that.

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Cool I kind of want to play it now, but I’ll wait for the full release