Dungeons and Dragons Ideas?

I have a question for you. What should I do in my Bionicle based Dungeons and Dragons adventure? Should it be based on Gen. 1 or Gen. 2 ? Should I make only the primary elements, or any combination? Anyways, tell me what you think. Thank you and have a nice about 24 hour day!

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If you’re looking to use already established story, go with G1. If you plan on expanding the universe of Bionicle, go with G2.


What if I do an alternate universe that is similar but not exactly like the original world that it is based on

There are official Bionicle AU’s, but they’re told through short stories. So I guess if you wanted complicated groundwork already in place to expand off of, then you could go with that.

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I feel G2 has more room for creativity. There’s less restrictions, unlike the almost too well established G1.

Is it an actual Bionicle campaign, or Bionicle-esque? Because I play D&D as my self-MOC, Ghar, but I adapted him to fit the world. Maybe stay within D&D but introduce Bionicle elements (for example my character is a warlock who wears a mask that grants him elemental powers)?

I’d say: use G1. It has a lot of already established items, monsters and lore. G1 also has a lot of different races, which would make more character options.

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