Official defender of the island of Tawhi-Tu, he’s your usual ‘‘i work alone’’ kind of guy


Got that animoo edge going on here… Nice.

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can the swords blades move to form wings, or are they fixed there so they can’t move?

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Actually they can,i just didn’t bother to take a pic of it

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ahh okay then, lucky guess.

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Dang son.

But… not a fan of that shoulder pad. It’s Ginormous.

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I like the scissor-buster sword,

I think if there was a piston add-on on the lower arm it would look better, but I for one really like the massive pauldron.
Really needs proper hands though

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I like this a lot, especially the colors. I also like the use of beast heads on the leg. And the weapon has a cool gimmick.

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stop the presses

@Ghosty has finally made a moc without massive amounts of cloth covering the frame, and doesn’t have a clay head

first, him re-appearing in P:M, and now this

it’s a MLK Day miracle, ladies and gents.

moving on from… whatever that was

not half bad.


He has a big sword…


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I like that buster sword design.

Overall pretty solid MOC. Needs something on the back of the legs though.

7/10 still not as cute as that one white character you made whose name currently eludes me Kyyle

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Looks cool. Though the silver shoulder pad is a bit off-putting.

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Awesome sword!

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