Duplo and how it should be used in G3 [Pitch]

As you may have heard Brickonicle is being changed to Duploonicle.

Duplo is a family and child friendly system for young children and it should be used in Duploonicle in the most child friendly way such as creating things and not destroying them.

In order to appeal to little children we must dispose of the volcanoes and dangerous vehicles and bad people and build rainbows and friendship.

We understand that little children like fighting the bad guys and saving the innocent but we must leave that up to the adults.

I move we go for a style that the original Duplonian sets went for that truly helped spread a message of love peace and friendship.

As you can see this is very safe and easy to build, a concept that would carry over very well to Duploonicle

as you can see here this is not what will be tolerated by parents this set features skulls and bones and other traumatizing things that could hurt children and this should not come into Duploonicle

thank you for agreeing that Duploonicle should follow these rules and make sure to sign the petition to make Duploonicle a word in the dictionary.


Really good ideas here, let's hope TTV uses them in Duploonicle.

I think that Makuta should not be in Duploonicle, because Makuta is evil and kids do not like evil.


@Toa_Distraxx If TTV does not use these great ideas we will take action for being un child friendly and we want to not fight to set a good example


Because of the wider demographic Duploonicle tries to please, we will be including Makuta so the older kids are happy to see some "old Bionicle" in Duploonicle but Makuta will be named Mr. Makooti the Bionic Man who loves friendship instead of evil.


@BBricks Ah, yes. I could see Makooti working now. Thank you for pointing that out.

Your very welcome good sir.

Hello again everyone and I would like to update this with more information on the aesthetics of Duploonicle.

We will be hiring a new band called the Child-Friendlies to create music for the Duploonicle.

This will introduce the young children to music which is very important in life.

Unfortunately Cryoshell will have no part in this.


hi im marco
i think we shud add pizza factory to brickonicle an every pizza comes with lego set how about that
bye im marco

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marco that is a great idea i totally agree

new update

the island of brickonicle now has a pizza factory stay tuned for some great concept art by our concept artists which will bring in a lifetime of creativity to young children.


this is not a double post because it is an update to the topic

as you can see this is the beautiful island of duplonui inspired by @Marco's great ideas and it is very child friendly and includes a pizza factory

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This could easily work. Every child will love it.

You horrible person, hau dare you show such graphic imagery of the poor defenseless featureless yellow blob in the shape of a person getting squished by that massive featureless red blob!

I can't believe you're in the toy industry.

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stop this joke is ded