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A small MOC which I’ve had in mind for a long time… I just needed Ketar, but now it’s here!!

Also, Kardymis unity!

Tell me what you think…


I really like the way the crystal piece makes it looks like he has a beard.

I must say, this is a brilliant usage of the Creature headpiece.

There really isn’t much I can critique on this MOC, it does exactly what it means to and looks good at the same time. The only minor nitpick I could make is that he doesn’t have thumbs, a black minifigure hand could probably solve that, although it’s really up to you whether you want it to have thumbs or not.

Overall awesome MOC, dude, super creative and small yet effective. Keep up the awesome work!

quite interesting and peculiar

It looks great and unique, but i’d like to see you use the rod hole in Ketar’s nose for something like a tuft of hair.

The magnifying glasses for literal glasses reminds me of this guy

I really like the bearded look the MOC has going on!

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this such a great way of using the creature head

but you know what I like more than this new lamborghini?


Here in my garage…

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i really like how you have used the creature head to make it look like he has a beard !
good job :smiley:

My, I am at a loss for words of criticism.

It looks a lot like a male Maz Kanata.

I’ll leave it at that.

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