Early Summer Sets To Deliver!

I'm going out to buy a Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder for my friend Voxumo, gonna ship it all the way to Alaska for him. Was wondering if anyone else was interested in something similar. Just let me know on here!
I've already gotten me a copy of the set and I have to say it's pretty cool! Haven't brought myself to dismantling it just yet.. that's how much I like it!

So the overall thing (including shipping and transport) costs £44 (or USD equivalent), so if anyone is interested let me know. I aim to buy Voxumo's copy by Saturday and have it shipped by Tuesday, so it'd be helpful to know if someone else wants a copy by then.

Thanks, folks!
PS: while supplies last.


I would love to get the new sets 2 months before they release! Although... 44 Euros = 69 USD... So I guess I'll have to sadly decline...


That's no problem. I do have to correct you there though; it's GBP not Euros so that there's no confusion.


Well, it's still the same in cost... Thanks for that info though

I don't have the room in my budget to pay for that kind of thing, but you might want to contact TTV directly.

@IllustriousVar Might be interested for the sake of product showcase...


I'd love to take advantage of the opportunity, but 69 dollars is way too much for a single set. We wouldn't be able to make enough return from the video to justify that price, specially considering we'd need the entire wave, not just Skull Grinder.


What form of payment do you require?

@IllustriousVar think shipping more sets off gives you bulk shipping advantage, but yeah the exchange rate might add to the problems I presume.

@Willess12 I take PayPal mainly, seeing as I have no money left to pay for things I actually want lol (until August the earliest). So yeah that's pretty much it.

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I would like to take you up on your offer, then. Where do I send the money to?

You can answer in PM if you want.

@MohamedMarei, please do. Do NOT post personal information in a public topic.


Bought the first pair of sets yesterday. Will be shipping them off tomorrow. Anyone else interested let me know.