Earth matoran

When the mercenary’s took over the island of atua the Earth matoran were taken and enslaved as miners. Now they spend there days swinging there pickaxes in the dimly lit caves longing for freedom.

This is a Earth matoran not much else to say

Constructive criticism is appreciated but he’s been dismantled so just leave your opinions on him below.



Lacked a backstory and contained several different instances of heresy.
Otherwise looked pretty cool.

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The shoulders give the figure an interesting hunched stance, and I think it actually works well.

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I think the torso should be shortened, though the torso would look cool for a toa

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That would be a small toa

Not really if the limbs were longer

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Yeah i guess he does have a pretty broad chest


The legs maybe?

lego’s used that building technique before, with things like the Tahtorak, and early combo models.

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Tahtorak was a winning contest entry, not an official model from Lego.
Also, to clarify, inserting pins and axles into the circular holes of the socket connector is fine; the issue here is actually the bushing end being crammed into the socket itself, which stresses the piece.

It’s just the average Earth villager looks like he doesn’t have a
back story

Everyone has a backstory; just because he wasn’t given one doesn’t mean his character wouldn’t have had one.
Unless, of course, he was meant to be a filler MoC that represented multiple villagers, but I digress.

“Not bad for a tall matoran”

Like the Huna as always :ok_hand:

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That’s exactly what it is

Ah. Must’ve missed that part.
Unnecessary criticism retracted, then.

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