Earth raptor

This is something i started working on yesterday. i really disliked how we got no rahi in Gen 2 (creatures don't count as they were more like elemental beings). and so i present the earth raptor. this creature hunts in packs and attacks villages in the earth region. the hunt underground and are nearly impossible to see coming, even for earth okotan's with their night vision. they were one of the creatures that korgot and onua originally came up against during their journey for the golden mask of earth.

as for functions, the MOC has gears in the arms and a projectile shooter in the tail

the texture of the armour plates looks feather like, much like real raptors had feathers

can be ridden by korgot

before you say that he's kind of small seeing as onua was one of the smaller 2016 sets in height, my onua has been modified to be one friction joint taller than tahu soooo.....


It has purple. Instant win!
While I'm not sure how I feel about the launcher on the tail, the presence of the gear function on the arms and the design of the head are just spectacular. Plus, PROTECTOR RIDING RAPTOR! HOW DOES THAT NOT SCREAM AWESOME?!


Sees title

Rushes to click link

Is not disappointed


Where's Earth Grace?

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I wasn't sure what to expect, but this is really nice and well made. Good job

The fact that it can be mounted by a protector is awesome. 10/10

I really dig this! I agree Okoto could use some Rahi! And this looks Ike it would being there. Great job!

Thats really awesome man!

Well its about the right size for something like Deinonychus.

yeah thats about the size i was going for. what i ment was that since onua is ment to be about 3 or 4 friction joints shorter, i was pointing out that my onua is much larger (taller than tahu) just so everyone could grasp the exact size of it compared to the other toa

Great use of red pins. 8.36/10

This is now part of my personal G2 cannon, I salute you sir.