Earth region Ideas! WITH [Artwork] [Worlding]

Hello guys. Been a long time Since I did a new topic. But I promise this will be worth your time.( I Hope).

The Earth region, based on our dear artist Oomatu I build up some more stuff.

Inside the temples.

Huge buried temple with catacombs reaching into unknown depths.
Mythic inscriptions pattern the walls and holds great secrets in ancients tongue, Many have tried to decipher the inscriptions but a few has succeeded.
The elder whenua has spent his entire life reading the texts and writings. Having greater connections to the lore he has unlocked his greater potential with the Elements. His silent manners hiding endless wisdom
Going ever deeper to find new inscriptions growing ever wiser. His mask allowing him to stalk the crypts reading for months without end…

The temple cities are are huge constructs that predates the Matoran memory and oral stories suggest the gods themself build them. Towring ungodly high they rival the great marvels of the Stone region.

Yet the Earth matorans live a simple life, their connections to the earth and its plant life allow them rich harvestes of fruit and plants to trade.

There are very little command structure in the Earth region. People share what they don’t need and the hospitality is wellknown. Yet The Esoteric order of Illumination that gaurds the temples secrets and walk the dark passengers of the tempels knows many secrets of the past and their wisdom is legendary amongst the Islands cities.


The candlehead dudes are creepy!
Great art tho

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I am getting a very strong MNOG vibe with the artwork. Good job!

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I have no complaints. I’m really liking the ideas people are having for the earth region. Also the artwork is quite nice

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The Esotinic order of Illumination

That name alone Suggest some Creepy stuff.

I am happy to hear that.

That last picture is creepy.

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rock solid bro! looks fantastic

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Wasnt expecting that

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Nobody expects this

Great work man. I have some follow up art for this I’ll throw at you later.