EA's Skate

Has anyone else even played these games?
If not, well, try and play them. They’re good.
If so…

Skate 2 is best game.

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Er, I remember my family getting the demo for Skate 2, and we’d play the Hall of Meat thing just for fun to see who could get hurt the most.

AKA Best Game.

A lot of people think this is the only fun thing in Skate.
It’s sad, really. They don’t try the crap-load of other content that actually involves skating in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only had the Demo, so… It was the most fun I could get out of it.

I remember there being other challenges in it…
Maybe it’s just my imagination.

Ah, Skate.

This game made me produce so much salt.

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I played Skate 2 twice, both times I had so much fun. I wish I bought the full game…