Eb'nath: Archetype of the Lost

This was an idea I was playing around with after watching some creepypasta/arg stuff.

I was working with the idea of tentacle hands before, but couldn’t quite get it to work.

“I can do a flip!”

Let me know what you think.


Can you open the hands?

Open? They can move around, but they’re not connected by ball joints.

not a fan of the face TBH,otherwise this is a pretty neat thing

Looks like a mutated inkling.

Very uniquely designed!

Looks cool actually, good job.

You know I actually see that honestly.

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It’s one of those basic moc with a design that distract the entire build, it works in some ways.

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It kind of looks like a Taken Vex from Destiny. Especially the head. Thats a good thing.

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Creepy, I like how it fits together.

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The basic design of the torso doesn’t actually bug me that much becuase it adds to the skeletal theme. I like it.

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It vaguely reminds me of something out of Bloodborne, especially once you get the milkweed rune and Kos parasite combo going. Very unnerving and well done for what it is.

Heyyy. Front page! Thanks everyone!

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I wonder how it would look with more tentacles in the place of legs

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Awesome MOC! My only complaint is the technic beams that the tentacles stick out of look kinda out of place.

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This is absolutely awesome. Also I see I’m not the only one who has used the Metru shoulders for masks.

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Looks like a squidgirl or something.

Which I suppose makes sense, considering the inspiration.