Echodarix v1.2 and「RED RIGHT HAND」

I got bored, so I built a stand for an old favorite moc of mine, as well as improve her build a little bit.

Causes anyone grabbed to become docile and content, and improves that person’s luck while under its effects.

Destructive power: A
Speed: C
Range: A
Durability: A
Precision: B
Development potential: E

Alongside Toa Payinku and 「DEJA VU」

This was built pretty quickly, and isn’t a very serious moc, but I rather enjoy how it turned out.


guessing it suppose to act like this?

Considering the mesh of uneven grey added, I can see why.


Some of the gray bits stick out, but for what it is I think you did a good job.

Am I the only one that sees Yugioh in that hand?

Cool idea. Like the stand.