Eclipse significance

As Aqua Magna is a moon, solar eclipses might be relatively common for the island of Mata Nui, did this have any cultural significance to the inhabitants?



This is only off a 5-minute search of BS01 and the greg archives, but as far as I can’t tell there isn’t much documentation on eclipses. The only documented “eclipse” is the eclipse of Mata Nui’s eyes that began the Great Cataclysm. Interestingly enough there was a sundial in the Coliseum that Teridax used to keep track of time until that event, although it isn’t specified exactly how.

As far as I can find there definitely isn’t any reference to cultural or maybe deific significance to the Matoran. I honestly doubt their culture was ever that fleshed out by the writers. It’s quite an interesting idea though.

I think that’s why ToaOfVirtues was asking Greg…