Eddie, the Dragon (The Trodax) - Self-MOC

So, I would like to point out a bit of a flaw with this design: I am currently running low on pieces for a revamp. That’s said:

This is my self-MOC, Eddie (or should I say, self-MOCs). He has a special trait that makes him a “mutant” amongst Matoran: He came to Metru Nui in an egg, with the counter-twin of Renzexx (meaning ‘twin, clone’ in the ancient Trodax language).

He then started to develop his dragon-esque traits, and he mutated into a small dragon, but still Matoran size. (Credit goes to Monarth on the dA, making this head.)

He then forged a sword with his last scale, and he fled from the City. He grew even larger by every day, and when he reached his full size, he left the City completely by calling in his friend, Dragos, an enormous spaceship, and he returned to his homeworld of Anamis.

Story out of the way, feel free to critique my work here. Also, ideas in the tail is welcome. :smile: Have a good day!


I like this. i like it a lot.

Um the tail could use some work but I’ve never made anything like this before so I’m not really sure how to improve it.

Also the head could be a little less gappy looking, but again never made anything like this so I’m not really sure how to improve it.

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I like both of the yellow ones, but I think the huge one needs some work.

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Aw. The cute little yellow dragon is awesome. :smile:

Edited Title for Capitalization.

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I’m not to sure about the snot hanging out of the dragons nostrils :smile:

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It’s not sno-pffffffffff :laughing: it’s a signature that was kept from the get-go. I really don’t know why I keep those “snot” pieces… :smile:


I like the small dragon’s wings, and the custom sword. the rest is good, too.

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