EDIT: So, rather than make a new topic for the rest of the G3 LDD things I have planned, I might as well dump them all here. This topic will be updated periodically, as such.

So, there is big debate right now as to if the Toa Kaita should have any spot in G3, and how a Kaita would look. So, taking LDD in hand, I present to you the buildable Toa Kaita Akamai!
I like the idea of having the Kaita as ancient and legendary warriors who preceded the Toa, but for this version I did more of the combination of the colors between Tahu, Pohatu and Onua. I also tried, if you can tell, with the torso assembly to have a callback to the original Mata torso, And I think it succeeded.
So, what do you think?
(P.S. I would have more pictures but my computer is being stupid. I will try to upload more soon.)

G3 Muaka

My Rahi designs will be more original going forward, I promise, but this MOC is inspired by @Oomatu's new Rahi concept art. I'm really pretty proud of how Muky turned out. He looks so vicious! And he can be a time-traveler, @Eljay and @Mesonak
So, which Rahi (Or other thing that can only be built in brick-built form) should I build next?

G3 Kane-Ra

Sorry about the drop in image quality, Bluerender hates me.
So, one of @Oomatu's most popular Rahi designs, the Kane-Ra bull. I am really proud of this one, with my head being my favorite part. It just looks so bull-like!
And, as a bonus, here is all of builds currently next to each other, plus a wittle adowable Fikou Spider.

G3 Nui-Rama

Not much to say about this one, just that it's a Nui-Rama and it's pretty cool.

Updated G3 Nui-Rama

So, due to some critiques, I updated the Nui-Rama to be a bit sleeker and more flowing. I actually like this one a lot better than the old one....except for the mouth. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the mouth look a bit better, I would be happy to listen to them.

Once again, and comments or critiques are welcome, and again, which Rahi, of my design or Oomy's, should I do next?


This is very cool!

What can you say now? The Kaita are cool even if they are made from system pieces!

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Except it's not a combination of the Toa.


It isn't necessary to be a combination between the minifigures.

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Yeah, I was just doing this as a proof-of-concept to see if the Kaita would work in the big mech style that is becoming increasingly common.

If you're going to claim that it is a combination of the Toa it should be.

Yeah, this was discussed in the other topic, several people are not really on board with it.

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Who are you replying too?

Really? Nobody can make a combination BETWEEN THREE MINIFIGURES!!!!!!!

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And that's my point. The concept of the kaita make no sense in system.


WE STILL CAN USE THEM AS CHARACTERS! We can use @JediTimeLord824 's concept!

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But then they're not the same thing as in G1, which seems to be what you're advocating for.

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I've said this.



Ok... I am wrong. They can be a character, but they can't be literally what they was.

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C'mon, can you people just appreciate or criticize the model, and not debate in this topic?

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Sorry, I was summoned here because of my opinions, the model does look great, I just have issues with the kaita in system.


Thank you.

JediTimeLord, please don't double post.

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Sorry, didn't even realize I did!

yessss.... Moar!

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I take it you like it, then.