Ehlek Revamp Moc - By Sidorak

So here's my Ehlek revamp, he is my favourite Barraki:
I know, he misses one of his eyes, but... Let's just say it's a battle wound smiley


Feel free to post your opinions smiley

Not bad, though I'm not a fan of the brown in there. Also, I feel like there's quite a bit of empty space in between the Rahkshi foot and the top of the torso. But that's just my opinion. smiley

I know, i want to give it more brown! smiley

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I think the brown looks like seaweed or something growing on him because he's been in The Pit for so long. Very nice MOC!


I say work more brown onto it, more so on his back and make it crusty-ish? I like what vuhii stated about it being seaweed.

I feel like he's a bit too top heavy.


Yes, add more brown but besides that I like him. Nice moc. -Toa Aeros

I think the torso's like, too short, and how the legs work is awkward, not allowing for much forward motion.

And yeah, the brown is meh.


he looks awesome smile

Thanks for the opinions! I'll make him look better! smile

I'm just about to start making a Ehlek revamp and saw this and have to ask. Can I use a upgraded version of that leg design?

@Studentscissors Of course, why not? stuck_out_tongue

He'd look way cooler with the other eye. I dont know what happened to it xD

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@ZSky312 Hello! It's good to see you here! :3

Ehlek is also my favorite Barraki

Lol I made a ttv account smiley

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Ooh, and don't double post! Just edit your other post wink

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Oh ok sorreh Why is he missing an eye?

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@ZSky312 i've lost it! smiley

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