Ehlek revamp

Well when I decided to do revamps every week day I knew I would have off days and this is one of those days.

My favorite part of the moc his hands.

His spines. (I know there’s only two so deal with it)

Sucking on a light stone like in the commercial.

His waste can fold down to make him taller.

Next to Hewkii.

Ehlek “I have the mask!”

Hewkii “You sure about that.”


I know the pics are blurry but I just don’t care. Please leave constructive criticism. Who should I build next Kongu or Pridak?

This moc wasn’t stupid enough fine here’s a cat!


You should care about blurry pics.


Usually I do but I’m really not phrased with this moc.

If you aren’t enthusiastic about it, I wouldn’t suggest posting it on the boards then.
Sure you can, but I try(emphasis on try) to only put up stuff I’m proud of. Hence why I haven’t finished any comic pages .-.

If anything, just sleep on it, and try re-working the revamp tomorrow or something.


The only problem is I’m trying to do a New revamp every week day thing.

If that’s what you want to do, go for it.
Might be best to have one topic for all of them though, where you post each revamp there instead of in multiple topics.


I approve of this. The one thing I would change is simply give him his eyes back. If I had to guess, You probably just could not find them.

I agree with moving your M.O.Cs to one topic.

P.S. I vote Pridak.

@Risebell Didn’t think of that :stuck_out_tongue:
@LurkingEhlek Yeah you hit the nail on the hed with why He doesn’t have eyes.

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It looks okay. The arms and legs are my only real problem.

Also, you should totally do kongu next.

Ehh. I feel that his proportions are a bit too off for me. He’s got a good concept but I’m not too sold on it.


I like these revamps, myself. They remind me of the Stars of 2010. And I like the claws on Ehlek.

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