Eido, Ohkma, and Juvolo

3 Matoran villagers featuring 3D printed masks from Shapeways. I hand painted them, then dry brushed with Citadel brand paints. They also have that custom torso I posted awhile back.






They all look like really cool, solid builds!

Honestly, my only complaint is Ohkma’s mask. Not a big fan of the flat mouth piece. Would have preferred if the model-maker had instead just flattened it at the bottom and gave it a bit of depth.

I suppose since you can’t really change the mask, you could try maybe making that area more detailed, or at least not one solid shade of brown.

Other than that, the builds on these guys is top tier Matoran, nice work!

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That’s great feedback. A flat piece like that is ripe for some paint detailing.

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They all look great, but I have a question: You did a MOC named Juvolo a while back, so is this supposed to be the same character?

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As before, Juvolo is still my favorite, though Eido is neat too!

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Yup, that’s right. Good catch! Same character, new mask.

Here’s Juvolo with his original mask:


These 3 looks great, they really fit their masks.

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Didn’t you post MOCs before that featured these same painted masks, though (at least the RSG ones)? The Kakama looks especially familiar.

I did post one with that mask, but it wasn’t painted. Lemme see if I can find it. . .

Ahhh yes. It was Kamakana.


I’m always a fan of 3D printed masks. Glad to see you using them! I’ve got one of my own.

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Thanks. I just ordered a few more. So you’ll be seeing new MOCs with printed masks from me this summer.

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Ohkma’s definiely my favorite. 'Specially the leg build. So simple, yet so sleek.

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