Eight legged lord of skull spiders with no gear function being ridden by Dagarak

The title explain everything, I just wanted a bigger spider that I could make the shorter Dagarak ride into battle

I thought that he would look more creepy with longer legs, altough I probaby do need to work on how it articulates

This Dagarak stole the mask of skull spiders and managed to tame the fierce lord of skull spiders, he now travels the land to terrify all with his creepy crawly companions

I love how the new skull spider masks can clip on to joints, it makes great shoulderpads

Aint much of a spider if he doesnt have that divided abdomen ( If he has one, I cant see it from this angle)

Anyway, nice moc.


I really want to buy LOSS in order to do something like this.

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He does have it, it's just hard to see because I didn't take a good photo

:/ the legs are so spindly. I know it's a spider and all but they just look so empty.