Eiphren and Kairi

This is Eiphren and Kairi, my and my gf’s bonkle self-insert character thingies

I took a bunch of inspo from Demitsorou with these designs

Eiphren is a Ta-Matoran who’s been around for a while. Since the first round of matoran made by the Great Beings after the Av-Matoran to be specific, but he doesn’t act like it. He’s always been in the background, trying to avoid working because he’s a lazy lil dork. He also doesn’t enjoy wearing the same mask all the time, and has a few he keeps on-hand.

Kairi on the other hand, is really into her work. She’s always swimming around New Ga-Metru and Spherus Magna as a whole, gaining as much as possible to donate to research. To quote my girlfriend, “she’d be the exploring type, she’d feel at home near/in the ocean and is very passionate about learning its secrets”. Kairi is a newer matoran, only being created after Mata Nui reformed the planet.