Eiveren the Elemitrix of Darkness

I just want to get these guys out of the way so I will be brief, and sorry for the lack of pics. I accidentally deleted some of the pictures.

Eiveren was great friends with the Elemitrix of Light, but it was his friends ego which separate there friendship. Also he lost his creature along time ago before his hundred year old sleep. His personality is not very sociable and quite. Plus not a lot of people listen to him because of his connection to Darkness.


No creature this time?


Yup not this time.

I think the weapon could use some work and maybe a shell is missing in the back
Is the piston add-on painted? cuz I’ve never seen it in black

Yes it’s painted and there is K2SO who has a one in black, but this was taken before he came out.

His neck is too long.

The fire is out of place. And isn’t edgy like Ideruba.