Ekimu and Skull grinder drawing

so I decided, based off of the leaks to make an Ekimu and Skull Grinder drawing, I'm using normal paper so i could not fit Ekimu's hammer or Grinder's sword, I'll be coloring it soon

EDIT: On @Payinku's request I improved Grinder's mask to look more like the mask on the summer 2015 picture


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This looks pretty good! I like the amount of detail with the pieces, especially since we don't have high-quality pictures yet.


I thought it was supposed to go there, but I wasn't sure anyways, thanks for the compliment Slime, hardest part to draw was probably the MoC

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it's nice, but dear lord the grinders mask looks incredibly wrong...

everything else, fine. just, that mask...

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I can change that and re-upload, I'm just having issues with the details in it

use the teaser mask as a guide, it's clear they're one and the same.

fair enough (I just realized I'm trying to make the details out on an extremely small mask that's blurred out, and one that is really really dark)

that definitly looks more like it, nice!

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Whoaaa yeah! That looks really cool!

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Grinder has horns (the new flame pieces on ultimate phoenix head) in black

You might be better waiting for official images that we get tomorrow, then updating a few aspects. Pretty sure the chain you have dangling from above is actually connected to the other end of the spear holding the Mask of Creation.

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Not bad! Ekimu looks a bit too big overall, but you did a good job with the details and proportions.

I like it. Can't give much criticism as I am no artist stuck_out_tongue


Nuremberg Toy Fair on the 28th, should provide official images (photo's of the sets on display) of the Summer Bionicle Sets along with other Summer sets.


I know I just saw the picture I'll be updating it soom

@ColdGoldLazarus yeah Ekimu is a little large I drew him first and I said to myself "well I made a mistake, guess I'll just have to go with it"

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Sorry, but it just looks like it

Pretty cool!

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I've finally done it